Paul Whiteman, 1947

by Brad Kay

A quite good and representative performance of "At Sundown" is in "The Fabulous Dorseys" (1947). Very orchestral, it hews closely to the model that Whiteman created, (that is, it mostly doesn't sound like a late '40s swing band), and it retains some of the highlights of the 1927 arrangement, including Mike Pingatore's banjo solo, and the double-time treatment at the end.

In one chorus, both Dorsey brothers shine in an exchange of fours with - can it be Henry Busse? - Harry Goldfield? - anyway, someone who has stepped into that Harmon-muted-clipped-phrasing school: "Busse" - Jimmy - "Busse" - Tommy. This chorus is SO redolent of the "sweet and hot" Whiteman sound, I was won over. Jimmy wins the jazz honors here, in my opinion.

-Brad Kay

Posted on Jun 17, 2017, 7:27 PM

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