What happened to *A Treasury of Small Change: Red Nichols 1905-1942*?

by David Tenner

At the end of Stanley Hester, Stephen Hester, Philip R. Evans, and Linda Evans, *The Red Nichols Story: After Intermission, 1942-1965* (Lanham, MD, and London, 1997), there is an "About the Authors" page, which states of both the Hesters, "His next book will be *A Treasury of Small Change: Red Nichols 1905-1942.*"

Just what happened to that projected book? Googling, the only reference I could find to A Treasury of Small Change is at a Dutch website dealing with books on CD-Rom: http://www.doctorjazz.nl/03-boeken-cd-roms/ Not a single other reference, anywhere else on the Web...

I realize that there is another work dealing with Nichols' earlier years: Stephen M. Stroff: *Red Head. A Chronological Survey of 'Red' Nichols and His Five Pennies.* However, even leaving aside the fact that it stops in the early 1930's (and thus we are pretty much left with a blank decade before 1942) it is in no way as thorough a bio-discography as the Hesters-and-Evanses volume; Stroff instead concentrates on musical analysis of selected Nichols works of the 1920's and early 1930's.

It's too bad if the projected book on Red from 1905-1942 was never written or never made available to the public. After all, musically speaking, those surely are Nichols' most signficant years. (Not that I don't enjoy some of the later records, especially with Joe "Blizzard Head" Rushton. But I honestly can't say they're the equals of the recordings Red made with Miff Mole, Pee Wee Russell, Jimmy Dorsey, Jack Teagarden, Berny Goodman, Adrian Rollini, etc.)

Posted on Jun 19, 2017, 8:12 PM

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