I have a better project:

by Albert Haim

A biography of a musician without an analysis of his music is like looking at a 78 rpm record without a record player to bring out the music stored in the grooves.
I have a dream. I wrote a Bix timeline for the Bix Muuseum. It was originally an enormous document with relevant images and links to Bix's recordings. I was up to 1925. Then, since the Museum was going to have stations where the complete Bix music would be available for listening, the links to recordings in the timeline were removed. I completed the timeline with only words and images. It was still an enormous, unmanageable document. The timeline is being edited to a manageable size at present (not by me).
I still have the dream of a Bix Chronology in Words, Images and Sound. I have one article in progress about Merle Johnston. Once I finish that, I will perhaps fulfill my dream It may take a long time and who knows ...


Posted on Jun 26, 2017, 5:43 PM

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