Fred Rich's Rollickers.

by Albert Haim

According to Don Rayno, the Rollickers Quartet consisted of Victor Hall, Foster House, Norman LeMoyne and A. R. McAdams. In their 1927 Vitaphone shorts, Ray Brown was pianist director.
I am interested in the Rollickers who sang in some Fred Rich's recordings of 1929, in particular "Nobody But You," May 10, 1929, Col 1838-D. I like this recording a lot; it includes several of Bix's fellow musicians/friends: the Dorsey's, Leo McConville, Joe Tarto, etc. According to Rust (Jazz Discography) the vocal is by the Rollickers, Irving Kaufman, Smith Ballew. According to Robert Stockdale (That's It, Dorsey's discography), the Rollickers consist of Bert Dixon, Arthur Fields and Jack Kaufman. A nice Bixian solo.
What's the story?


Posted on Jun 28, 2017, 10:28 AM

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