I think it's good to have confidence in what you like

by Alberta

If it's good to you, then it's good, at least in the arts. But there is something to be said for educating a person's tastes because what constitutes artistic accomplishment is lost on people who don't understand the language and have no sense of the history of a particular art form. That's not such a tragedy except that then, the artist is compelled to get a day job rather than support himself through his art, since he can't make a living at it if no one understands it.

(At least until the 20th century, when big money entered art forms and now, what is "good" is what has been promoted, but that's a separate discussion.)

Anyway, I liked hearing what Schoenberg had to say since I think it's important to know what actual musicians think of other people's music. Especially when articulated in an interesting way, as he did. I also happen to agree with him in much of what he said.

Posted on Jul 8, 2017, 8:21 PM

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