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by Albert Haim

Debbie White The stuff dreams are made of....many thanks for sharing, Brad.
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Glenda Teal Childress
Glenda Teal Childress And let's not forget Bix's recordings in 1930 with Teagarden, Krupa, both Dorseys, Goodman, Venuti, Lang, Bud Freeman, and Bubber Miley of Duke Ellington fame. To be fair, IMHO, these guys were second to none, black or white.
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Albert Haim

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Cristian Medina Valenzuela
Cristian Medina Valenzuela Here in Chile my contry the Odeon published all the gang and other group from the great Bix until today..
was in 1936
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Albert Haim
Albert Haim How reliable is John Hammond's account about Bix sitting with Charlie Johnson's orchestra? If you google John Hammond, you will find references to "he [Hammond] didn’t like facts getting in the way of a good story." (Dunstan Prial) and his agenda "He's [Hammond] dedicated to the cause of the Negro." (Otis Ferguson). I am sure everyone knows about the Bessie Smith story.
I am surprised that Evans did not come up with reports of Bix sitting with Duke Ellington's Cotton Club orchestra. You mention "reliable reports." Sources?.
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John Wright
John Wright Can't take the Hammond stories as reliable unless we have interviews with band members to confirm - if the events occurred the musicians would remember it and have talked about it, but I expect there are no recorded memories, so Hammond must be regarded as unreliable and unsubstantiated
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Barry McCanna
Barry McCanna Benny Waters, who played with Charlie Johnson's Orchestra in those years (sic) does not recall Beiderbecke ever sitting in with the band (from Voices of the Jazz Age, by Chip Deffas). Which is not to say that Hammond didn't see Bix sitting in with another band at Small's Paradise. His memory could well have been faulty. Not sure either where Otis Ferguson was coming from. Hammond was quite close to Goodman, and married his sister.
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Glenda Teal Childress
Glenda Teal Childress Sudhalter and Lion both talked about Bix's fondness for sitting in with all sorts of bands about town, in Harlem, in Chicago, and otherwise and had friends in both. But the time has passed to question them now.
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Albert Haim
Albert Haim There is no time limit to correct errors, to add to a subject or to question old data.
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