Re: I guess the Hardy article is copyrighted and it would be illegal ....

by Nick Dellow

That is correct.

I realise that in this Internet age there is much that is freely available online, but it would be impossible to publish the Frog Annual - or any part of it - gratis. The cost of the high quality printing, as well as the postage costs, are substantial (there are other costs too) and these have to be recouped somehow, since the Annual contains hardly any paid-for advertising, so a cover charge is necessary. The compilation of the Annual (which totals over 200 A4 pages) is certainly a labour of love and I can't see any mainstream publisher taking on such a task - it just wouldn't be worth it financially.

The cover price may be outside the budget of some people, which is unfortunate, but the Annual is still worth every penny. It contains numerous original articles (such as the one on Hardy), as well as reproductions of news items and illustrations from contemporary newspapers, magazines and other sources (such as record company catalogues and advertisements), some of them in colour, and there are lots of superb rare photos too. Plus there is a 26 track CD.

Posted on Jul 15, 2017, 5:37 PM

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