What a Great Transfer!

by Brad Kay

An absolutely terrific transfer! Even among good remasterings, this one stands out. Whoever equalized it should be awarded a prize. I've had this rare Paramount record. I can vouch that the raw sound, played directly off the turntable, is primitive, 1926 early electrical, screechy, nearly unlistenable. But here, the sound is treated so excellently, and the surface noise is so subdued, that one even can hear the acoustics, and gauge the dimensions, of the room the players are in.

So HOW about that B.T. Wingfield? He is indeed a fabulous cornetist! He apparently recorded only for Paramount in 1926-28, and left about a dozen sides, according to Rust. They would be well worth checking out.

-Brad Kay

Posted on Jul 25, 2017, 1:57 AM

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