Born in Demopolis according to ....

by Albert Haim

.... incoming passengers information. Here is the manifest, father and son listed.

Booker in Lord's discography.

[W7590]Your CollectionAdd Leola B. Wilson
Leola B. Wilson : Leola B. Wilson (vcl) acc by poss. B.T. Wingfield (cnt ?) poss. Tiny Parham (p)
Chicago, c. September-October 1926
3021-1 Dishrag blues Paramount 12403
3022-1,2 Rollin' mill blues - , Third Man (No #,1) [FD]
Note: Both above titles also on Document (Au)DOCD5563 [CD], Black Swan BSCD-34 [CD].
Third Man (No #,1) [FD] uses Mx. 3022-1.
[R4691]Your CollectionAdd Elzadie Robinson
Elzadie Robinson (vcl) acc by poss. B.T. Wingfield (cnt) or Shirley Clay (cnt) poss. Tiny Parham (p)
Chicago, c. September 1926
3019-2 Humming blues Para 12420, Herwin H-111, Record Changer LP-1,
Broadway 5006, Document (Au)DOCD5248 [CD],
Black Swan BSCD-34 [CD]
Note: Broadway 5006 issued as by Bernie Drake. An alternative issue of same Broadway 5006 attributed to Trixie Smith.
Document (Au)DOCD5248 [CD] titled "Elzadie Robinson, Volume 1"; see flwg sessions to April 1928 for rest of CD.
[P4182]Your CollectionAdd Pickett-Parham Apollo Syncopators
B.T. Wingfield (cnt) Charlie Lawson (tb) Junie Cobb (cl,as,sop) Leroy Pickett (vln) Tiny Parham (p) Jimmy Bertrand (d)
Chicago, c. December 1926
4053-1 Alexander, where's that band ? Para 12441, Collector's Classics CC33, Riverside
1017, Swaggie (Aus)833, London (E)AL3514, Classics
(F)661 [CD], Frog (E)DGF13 [CD], Third Man
(No #,1) [FD]
4053-2 Alexander, where's that band ? Biograph BLP12007
4054-1 Mojo strut Para 12441, Collector's Classics CC33, Swaggie
(Aus)833, Riverside 1017, London (E)AL3514,
Biograph BLP12007, Classics (F)661 [CD], Frog
(E)DGF13 [CD], Third Man (No #,1) [FD]
Note: Biograph BLP12007 titled "New York to Chicago 1923-1928"; rest of LP by others.
Swaggie (Aus)833 titled "Tiny Parham and his musicians - Volume 3, 1926-1930".
Classics (F)661 [CD] titled "Tiny Parham, 1926-29"; rest of CD by others.
[D1093]Your CollectionAdd Cow Cow Davenport
Cow Cow Davenport (vcl,p) acc by B.T. Wingfield (cnt-1) Leroy Pickett (vln-2)
Chicago, c. January 1927
4085-3 Jim Crow blues (1) Para 12439, Oldie Blues OL2811
4086-2 Goin' home blues (1) - , Best of Blues (Au)BoB-7
4088-2 New Cow Cow blues (1,inst) 12452, Milestone MLP2009, Magpie PY1814,
Third Man (No #,1) [FD]
4095 Stealin' blues (inst,2) Para 12452, Magpie PY1814, Third Man (No #,1) [FD]
Note: Cow Cow remembered having made some records with a spiritual quartet including Sam Theard (tenor voice) + 3 southern singers for Paramount. He accompanied them on piano. So far no trace has been found of this session on records or in the Paramount files.
All above titles also on Document (Au)DOCD5141 [CD] titled "Cow Cow Davenport, Vol. 1"; see various flwg sessions to May 1, 1929 for rest of CD.
[S8260]Your CollectionAdd Ivy Smith
Ivy Smith (vcl) acc by B.T. Wingfield (cnt-1) Cow Cow Davenport (p) Leroy Pickett (vln-2)
Chicago, January 1927
4087-1 Risin' sun blues (1) Para 12436, Harwin LP111, Document (Au)DLP557,
Black Swan BSCD-34 [CD]
4089-1 Sad and blue Para 12447, Historical HLP2, Document (Au)DLP557,
Third Man (No #,1) [FD]
4092-1 My own man blues (2) Para 12436, Best of Blues (Au)BoB-7
4092-2 My own man blues (2,*) -
4094-1 Third alley blues (2) Para 12447, Historical HLP2, Document (Au)DLP557
Note: Matrices in between are by other artists except Mx 4093 which is still untraced.
All titles, except (*), also on Document (Au)BDCD6039 [CD] titled "Ivy Smith & Cow Cow Davenport"; see flwg sessions to June 7, 1930 for rest of CD.
[R648]Your CollectionAdd Ma Rainey
Ma Rainey Acc By Her Georgia Boys : Ma Rainey (vcl) acc by probably B.T. Wingfield (cnt) Junie Cobb (cl) Jimmy Blythe (p) or Tiny Parham (p)
Chicago, c. February 1927
407-2 Weepin' woman blues Para 12455, Biograph 12001, Audubon (E)AAC,
Rarities (E)RAL6, Kings of Jazz NJL-18022
408-2 Soon this morning Para 12438, Biograph 12011, Audubon (E)AAC,
Rarities (E)RAL6, Riv RLP1032, RLP12-137, London
(E)AL3530, Kings of Jazz (It)NJL-18022
Note: 405, 407-2 & 408-2 are control numbers instead of matrix numbers. "Soon this morning" reissued on Broadway 5010 as by "Lila Patterson".
Both above titles also on King Jazz KJ183 [CD] listing date for this session as c. November 1926.
Both above titles also on JSP (E)7793 [CD].


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