Where's the download link?

by Mark Gabrish Conlan

I don't see a link to download the program, only to stream it. I'd rather download than stream. But thanks for including two records I know quite well, "Love Me Tonight" and "Some of These Days" by Bing Crosby with Frank Trumbauer's (not Lennie Hayton's; he's involved only as arranger and conductor, not performer) Chicago band from March 26, 1932: they're two of the greatest sides Bing, Tram or Eddie Lang (Bing's regular accompanist who came in to bolster the rhythm section and also take an explosive solo on "Some of These Days") ever made.

Also, I've mentioned this before: singer Franklyn Baur's last name does not have an "e" in it.

Posted on Jul 27, 2017, 4:06 PM

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