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by Albert Haim

I don't think the cannon with the label "Evans" is the same as the one Bix & friends are sitting on. Here is the photo cropped to show only the cannon. The "Evans" cannon seems shorter and thicker.

The above is what I wrote in facebook.

There were several responses:

Debbie White What you say may be true, but you've also got to consider the ANGLE of the cannon in the "Evans" photo. Its dimensions might be deceiving looking at it from a straight-on angle. As soon as I can, I will browse to see if there are any other photos of it in the yearbook (or others, perhaps) that might give a better idea of its proportions.

Dustin Wittmann Hard to say it's not the same cannon. Looks like it could be the same based on height off the ground and the relative proportions of their bodies with respect to the cannon's thickness. There couldn't have been many cannons on display in 1922 in the north suburbs of Chicago.

Debbie White This historical book by Jay Pridmore, "Northwestern University, Celebrating 150 Years," mentions the cannon on page 33 and may also include a photo which is (unfortunately) not visible online. It states that "....the class of 1905 placed this cannon as a monument to the University students who served in the war that ended slavery. The cannon remained on campus until 1942, when it was recycled in a World War II scrap metal drive."

Albert Haim I know about perspective and relative values of the diameter of the cannon and the dimensions of the individuals. That is precisely why I believe that the cannons in the two photos are not the same.
Sue told me that George Johnson's name was written on the back of the photo that Bix sent home. It is possible that the date and location were also written on the back of the photo, and these in turn were copied in the write up under the photo in the Museum: Lake Forest Academy, 1922. Thus, the data provided in the Museum caption may well be correct. It is very likely that Bix and George stroke a friendship when Bix went to Northwestern (several times in the Spring of 1922), and that George visited Bix in Lake Forest. Maybe Sue remembers what was written int he back if the photo in addition to George's name..I will look for a photo of a cannon in the Lake Forest Academy campus.


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