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by Albert Haim

Debbie White I was incorrect in saying that the google book site above did not show a photo of the cannon. It does ! I only scrolled DOWN when I saw the caption and it didn't even occur to me that a photo might be ABOVE it. If you once again click on that link, and scroll UP you will see it. The cannon sits on a heavy base displaying the year it was dedicated (1905) and the more I look at it the more I am convinced it is the one Bix and friends are sitting on. I can envision either Bix or George hoisting their female friend to her perch - seeing as it wouldn't have been very "ladylike" for her to do so on her own. Here is the link again if you're interested in seeing it (shown on page 32) -
Northwestern University
Published in celebration of the university sesquicentennial, this text chronicles Northwestern's history, from the effort to found an institution of the highest order through the rise of the modern university.

Albert Haim
Albert Haim That is very interesting. The background in the photo in in Pridmore's book (trees) is very similar to the one in the photo of Bix and George. The photo in the yearbook shows buildings but not what is on the right hand side of the cannon, except for one tree. The photo in Pridmore's book leads me to reconsider my previous comments. It does look like the photo of Bix and friends was taken on the campus of Northwester, as I first had speculated. It still would be useful to find out what is written exactly on the back of the photo of Bix and friends.

Posted on Aug 9, 2017, 7:29 AM

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