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by Albert Haim

Gerri Bowers I just checked the inventory sheets that Sue & I did on the collection from Liz. Item #07.01,52-Photograph - Nov. 1922- Bix, George, unidentified girl at Lake Forest. I will call Joe and see if he scanned both front & back.
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Albert Haim November 1922? Wow! I thought the photo was from May 1922, when Bix went to Northwestern to play with Carlisle Evans band.. From Sep to mid-Nov 1922 Bix was in Syracuse and New York. He was back in Chicago on Nov 19 and then home to Davenport on Nov 20, 1922. No visit to Northwestern according to Evans and Evans. I have to do some digging.
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Gerri Bowers Just called Joe, he did not scan the back. Bix was not at Lake Forest in Nov. 1922. I will try as soon as possible to get to the Putnam & go over the photo. It looks like Sue & I made a big mistake in writing Nov. 1922. Lake Forest.Thank You Albert for finding this. I am so sorry. Joe said as soon as I can see the photo. He can correct the error. Everyone please forgive me.
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Albert Haim My goodness, Gerri. No need to apologize. We are all deeply grateful for all you have done and are doing for the Museum, the Bix Society and Bix in general. We all make errors. Sometimes errors can be useful. corrections of errors lead to new findings, as is the case here..
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Albert Haim My speculation for a time line: Bix goes to Northwestern University on May 20, 1922 for an engagement with Carlisle Evans. He gets together with George who was a student at Nortwestern in the Spring 1922 semester. They had met, most ikely before in pre...See More
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Gerri Bowers Just called the Putnam for an appointment, Hoping yet this week. Thank You for understanding.
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Gerri Bowers I have an appointment at 11:00 AM Friday. Will scan it for you & Joe.
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Albert Haim Thanks, Gerri.
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Albert Haim
Correction! I kept on citing the Carlisle Evans band. No! It was the Jimmy Caldwell band. From the Bixography website:

"Bix at the Northwestern University Senior Ball, March 10, 1922. Uploaded June 28, 2010

On March 10, 1922, the Jimmie Caldwell Band played at the Senior Ball at Nothwestern University. The musicians in the band were Bix Beiderbecke (cornet), Don Murray and Reggie Severance (saxophone), Jimmy Fallis (clarinet), Jimmie Caldwell, (piano), Chuck Cheney (banjo), Jean Murphy (bass), Harry Gale (drums). The event was covered in several issues of the Daily Northwestern, the student newspaper of the university. The theme of the ball was "In My Dixie Paradise" and the Patton Gymnasium was decorated as a southern garden. Bix is not mentioned, but the Jimmie Caldwell band is, prominently. "

One more thing:
I had forgotten that I had written to Chris Barry on Sunday, October 23, 2016 11:10 AM: "My guess is that Johnson met Bix in the early 1922 Spring semester. Johnson must have attended the March 10 Senior Ball where Jimmy Caldwell with Bix was the featured orchestra.
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