Back from two days in the Big Apple.

by Albert Haim

Day 1. I went to see Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks. I sat at a table with David: Sager and David Plotkin. Fantastic music, stimulating conversation and, last but not least, good Mexican beer and food. David Sager on trombone and one of his relatives, a 14-year-old unbelievably talented youngster on saxophone, sat with the Nighthawks. Going to Iguana to see and hear the Nighthawks is not just great fun, but is an adventure all mortals should experience at least once in their lifetime: the best 1920s and 1930s music interpreted faithfully and great gusto by Vince and his brilliant co-conspirators.
Day 2. A superb lecture by David Sager at the 92 Y: "Unraveling the dawn of recorded jazz." The emphasis was on the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, but there was also a historical account of early jazz recordings, from the 1910s to the mid 1920s. Profusely illustrated with images of 78 record labels and audio excerpts of numerous recordings and highly informative and educational narration by David. The audience, nearly 100 people, was highly appreciative of David's well-delivered lecture and fascinating comments.
There was an unexpected bonus. I stayed at the New Yorker Hotel. In the basement there are two exhibits of interest to me: one by David Plotkin on Broadcasts form the Hotel New Yorker and one about Nikola Tesla, my favorite inventor: On 7 January 1943, at the age of 86, Tesla died alone in Room 3327 of the New Yorker Hote.


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