Re: Rust gives Jack Hart as vocalist, Harry Hayes as alto sax

by Nick Dellow

Brian Rust is guessing at the personnel here. This is indicated by the fact that the personnel differs considerably between the various editions of "Jazz Records" and between "Jazz Records" and his "British Dance Bands On Record". Obviously, Brian did not have access to the original programme for The Intimate Review, which gives the personnel for the larger Elizalde band at the time and from which the personnel for this session was drawn.

In "British Dance Bands On Record" Rust gives the alto sax as Philip Buchel, the string bass as Spike Hughes, the baritone sax as Arthur Lally, the violinist as George Hurley, and no drummer at all! Compare that to the personnel he gives in "Jazz Records", which you have reproduced above. The only commonality is the listing of Norman Payne, Cecil Norman and Jack Hart in both discographies (he also lists Fred Elizalde as the arranger in "British Dance Bands On Record", but not in "Jazz Records")

One should treat Rust's personnel listings with a degree of caution. I'm not knocking him - he's still the best discographer in this field - but he sometimes guessed at sidemen and when he did so he rarely put question marks next to his guesses (actually, I think putting the guessed-at musicians in italics would have been a better idea). People often think that the personnel in his discographies came from the original recording ledgers. Apart from one or two rare exceptions, they did not. That Brian Rust was as accurate as he was regarding sidemen is a testament to his skilful judgement, as well as his tenacious research abilities, but he wasn't perfect by any means. Nor should we expect him to be. The compilation of discographies is by and large an inexact science and a case of "work in progress".

Incidentally, I neglected to mention that it was Rob Rothberg who sent me the scan of the original programme, so many apologies for that omission.

Posted on Aug 29, 2017, 11:19 AM

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