Nick LaRocca on Bix and Stardust

by Nick Dellow

I have an original letter sent by Nick LaRocca to Bill Dean-Myatt. For some reason, I only have the second page (typed on both sides). Therefore, I don't have a date for the letter, but it would be late 1950s I think. LaRocca signs it in blue ink, and uses the same pen to make several corrections to his typed text. The last paragraph of the letter is as follows:-

"Getting back to Bix, this man Carmichael sure owes Bix a plenty for his success in the music business, "Star Dust". Bix played an obbligato when he came the second time to N.Y. City to see me on "Singing The Blues" by J R Robinson who had played with me in America and part time in England, then again at Folies Bergere N.Y.C. 1920-1921. I will not say this was exactly as the tune of Carmichael but the idea was there from the chord construction of "Singing The Blues". Probably nobody ever mentioned this before but I am a Fakir and can see and hear the foundations of tunes and their derivatives, and Bix made an obbligato somewhat on the style of this tune Stardust. Please do not quote me on this as I am a Fakir and would not like to get involved in a discussion as to the composer of this number as Carmichael is credited with this composition, but I have heard that he and Bix were close. I will close with my best wishes for a successful book on my boy, Bix. I am, Sincerely yours, D Jas (Nick) LaRocca."

Posted on Aug 30, 2017, 6:48 AM

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