It's like There's Two Separate Stardusts

by carl

Listening to many of these versions from down the years, it seems Stardust has switched gears. From a dated jaunty melodic meandering of its earlier incantations to what we think of as Stardust, -since at least 1939 Bing and even earlier with 35 Hawk and the rest of the tenors from the thirties and fourties, and then all the vocalists. I guess the adding of Parish's lyrics contributed greatly to the change. That languid melancholy, wistful remembering, air of sad regret, it sounds like a description of Singin the Blues. Like Bix did to the ballad in general with that, if only he'd recorded Stardust he might have fast tracked that into its timeless state of now and forever.

Posted on Aug 30, 2017, 3:46 PM

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