I think Mark got it right too

by Alberta

Just looking at that picture of Bird in his youth, looking so happy and confident, might have inspired a different author to just appreciate his exuberance and life and be sad that it all has to end, for all of us, without bringing in Durkheim or whoever, although now I'm inspired to read it again after 45 years and try to get something out of it cause I think I missed the point the first time. It is true that there have been good things in the Times, and true things, but not reliably enough to take the time to find them. It's really just propaganda for the New York fishbowl, so they can keep the engine of their own prosperity going. The world is their stripmine! Sorry for rambling. For many of us, as for that author, Bird Lives, and Bix Too.

Posted on Aug 31, 2017, 2:06 PM

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