Re: Psychobabble or control through shaming?

by Andy V.

I'll say again that the author of this opinion piece is not on the staff of the NY Times. Arthur Brooks is the president of the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute: I think most people feel the Times leans left. I happen to like the NY Times.

Here is Arthur Brooks in a short video done for Prager U. He explores some of the same the same philosophical territory as in his Charlie Parker column: if people just pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and did the right thing, then everything would be okay. My reaction is the same: While I agree with pulling oneself up by the bootstraps and doing the right thing is good, I also know that life isn't that simple.

If Prager U sounds familiar, it may be because the Bix Forum discussed one of their videos comparing the virtues of classical art with the vulgarity of modern art. It got my goat.

Posted on Sep 3, 2017, 11:59 AM

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