Yes, I saw where Brooks works

by Alberta

but if the Times publishes his work, the Times stands behind it. I did not see a disclaimer under the piece, stating that the views are the author's own etc. etc. I really did not think about whether the Times is left or right, and whether the author is left or right, or whether the piece had the same philosophy as other pieces that appear in the Times. The author's claim that to be truly free you have to give up your freedom is just double-speak which all political ideologies have exploited at one time or another. It's just tiresome to see column space given to such worthless nonsense when there are actual important things to be discussed. It's too bad the Times doesn't give more space to actual thinkers and people who are committed to a better world. But at least I'm re-reading the Durkheim which is free online, and it was nice to see that pic of Bird again after so many years, so all is not lost. And I thank you for posting!

Posted on Sep 4, 2017, 1:00 AM

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