Pops Foster autobiography.

by Albert Haim

Pops Foster, The Autobiography of a New Orleans Jazzman as told to Tom Stoddard (University of California Press, 1971), p. 124:

I met Bix when he was playing the Arcadia Ballroom with Trumbauer, Rod Cless, Pee Wee Russell, and those guys about 1923. Bix and Pee Wee lived over in Granite City, Illinois. On Mondays all the musicians had the day off and we used to to all go over there to see who could burn up the most barbecue. They didnt have a regular barbecue, we just dug a hole in the ground, put rocks in, then some wood and got a fire going. Wed cook the barbecue, eat it, and drink a lot of corn whiskey. We never played or jammed together in those days, that all started in New York. We just got together for kicks. The colored and white musicians were just one. Wed stay out all night, drink out of the same bottle, and go out with the same girls. We used to all pile in Bixs car and go over to Kattie Reds in East St. Louis and drink a lot of bad whiskey. It was green whiskey, man, they sure had bad stuff, but none of us ever got sick on it. I heard Bix play trumpet and piano and he was good. Trumbauer was a nice guy and a wonderful saxophone player. Him and Trumbauer never came around to sit in with us even in New York. One of the few white guys who used to sit in with us in New York was Jack Teagarden.

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