Would You Really Call That a Jazz Ballad?

by carl

It's nice and slow, but to me it's a long way from what's going on with the Bix thing. Hard to put your finger on it, but to me, it just feels like a different thing. It's a ballad allright, but a jazz ballad? I don't know. Red and the boys, cept for Miff, sound like they're hesitantly having trouble just playing their instruments, and Miff seems just carefully weaving through the song, basically like they're doing, without any conversational eloquence whatsoever. It's nice though. Glad I heard it.

The magic in the Bix one is that it's somehow a conversation, and a two way one at that. He's telling a story and the listener somehow responds and empathasizingly discerns his inner feelings and it feels like we know him, and as well we sense he knows and understands us, speaking to us, speaking for us There's an air of melancholy to the whole thing, too, a precedent for all the great jazz ballads to follow. I think that's the underlying reason we're interested in Bix as a person.

There's the opposite to the Red thing, too, where unlike Red and the boys, Tommy is pouring out his feelings, but somehow it's not a conversation, not a jazz ballad.


Posted on Oct 27, 2017, 12:03 PM

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