A Memorable Jazz Instrumental Break

by Fred

There's a JRM quote about good jazz needing "plenty breaks & plenty swing."

The first time I heard the following break, early 1980s LP, I think I was kind of amazed by it. Nestled amid booming horn band playing, and within three seconds' span, three instruments mesh in one break, after which the whole aggregation resumes blasting. It's in King Oliver's "Wah Wah Wah" from Bruns/Voc 1926~ish.

Taking place ~ 2:09 - 2:12 : You first hear Bigard's tenor (or c-mel) sax playing mostly-descending arpeggio, which continues throughout (the nearly three seconds). Halfway~ish a trumpet (or cornet) plays some notes, and then last-moment a second trumpet/cornet joins in. The two trumpet/cornets would be Oliver & Schoffner.

Jazz bio publishing listed Bob Schoffner in St. Louis until his passing, 1983. Reading between the lines in Allen/Rust/Wright, one receives the impression Schoffner was contacted by the authors, but wasn't interested in responding to them.

Posted on Oct 30, 2017, 12:38 PM

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