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by carl

The thing I noticed first was how they pronounced her name, ANNette with the ette softer and lower of pitch. Instead of the usual Annette of equal emphasis with the ette at higher pitch. Not sure how she said it. The video that follows on YT is very interesting. This must be the interview I heard years back on CBC radio though I can't remember the details. Jeff Healey heard it too at the time and said it sparked his interest in learning '20s music.

The interviewer is a bit of a kindly clod. He, as a record collector, treats Annette as an old time relic without picking up how sensitive she is of her age. He doesn't seem to listen to her at all, really. though she does make important details. She said she was shy and an introvert and didn't like making records at all. She says they only used head arrangements and Annette never wanted to ask the musicians for another take, as she felt she wasn't coming across on the records in the way she really sounded. She said she quit because the stress of it all brought her down to 83 pounds, though she said she like doing the radio broadcasts.

Posted on Nov 6, 2017, 3:59 PM

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