George Monkhouse and his Cambridge University Quinquaginta Ramblers....

by Nick Dellow

......wasn't an Elizalde group. Though George Monkhouse was in the Elizalde-led Quinquaginta Ramblers band in 1926/1927, by the time the band was known as "George Monkhouse and his Cambridge University Quinquaginta Ramblers" Elizalde had long gone.

"George Monkhouse and his Cambridge University Quinquaginta Ramblers" were formed in 1929 and apart from Monkhouse himself, none of the sidemen had been members of the Elizalde-led version back in 1926/1927....not surprising really as this was a varsity band and all the men in Elizalde's group had graduated. The Monkhouse version of the band recorded in December 1929 and March 1930. These sides were reissued by Jazz Oracle several years ago on an excellent CD entitled "Cambridge University Jazz".

In fact, Elizalde didn't even form the earlier Quinquaginta band - he simply took over an existing band at Cambridge and added "Ramblers" in honour of the California Ramblers. His brother Manuel ("Lizz") was a member of the band before Fred arrived from California in the Autumn of 1926. Incidentally, the "Quinquaginta" name comes from the Quinquaginta Club, a Cambridge University affiliated debating society formed in the early 19th Century that originally had 50 members (hence the name)!

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