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by Nick Dellow

The story about Elizalde forming the Quinquaginta band and taking the undergraduates to a music shop to pick out instruments of their choice, then rehearsing them until they could play them well enough, is completely untrue. In fact, it's a classic case of Chinese Whispers: what actually happened was that the band's instruments were destroyed in a fire in the building they were stored in - Elizalde paid for the band to buy new replacement instruments from a music shop in Cambridge. And as already mentioned, he didn't form the band - it was already in existence before he came to England from California.

It was these false stories (I guess they'd be called "fake news" today!) that prompted the Quinquaginta band's sax player Dan Wyllie to fire off letters of protest years later, whenever the stories were retold in articles. I have an interview with him on tape somewhere and he talks about the band in some detail, and puts the record straight.

The rest of the article looks OK. I am familiar with it but hadn't read it for years! Ted Walker was a knowledgeable guy, and a nice person as well. His son, Steve Walker, has carried on where his father left off and, in particular, is an expert on early dance bands and ragtime in England.

Posted on Nov 10, 2017, 4:26 AM

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