Orcestra once more

by Bo Lindqvist

Hello all
The very first issue of Okeh 40772 had the misspelled word ‘orcestra’ on the label. It is assumed to appear on about 1000 copies of the first pressing with 3000 discs. On Ebay auctions both label variants are ‘equally’ frequent. To find a copy in excellent condition of the first 1000 have not been easy (easier amongst the ones with the correct spelling). But now I have received a copy which playgraded on Singin The Blues starts in E- and before Bix enters is in E condition. Moreover this copy has A1 stampers on both sides. I have seen the stampers on more than a half dozen copies but never seen a A1 stamper on any side. Now I wonder if anyone has an idea on how rare my copy might be.

Posted on Nov 17, 2017, 4:17 PM

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