Just a Gosh Darn Minit Here...

by Brad Kay

For years, I had taken it as Holy Writ that "St. Louis Blues" and "Star Dust" always vied with each other as the most frequently recorded songs in history. It says so in the Guinness Book of World Records! Now comes the news that "Body and Soul" was recorded 2,200 times, making it more popular than "St. Louis Blues" and "Star Dust" COMBINED!

How could this epochal news have escaped attention until now?

I did a rough instant calculation. The e-version of "Rust's Jazz" yielded these search results:

"St. Louis Blues" 171 pages
"Star Dust" or "Stardust" 50 pages
"Body and Soul" 27 pages

So ... Is "Body and Soul" the most recorded song ever? I think not!!

Brad Kay

Posted on Nov 18, 2017, 2:11 PM

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