Rehashing Bix's arrest.

by Albert Haim

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Dan Hayes ·
Bettendorf, Iowa
In this misleading screed, Brendan Wolfe makes another pathetic attempt to promote his poorly researched book about Bix Beiderbecke. As many other would-be biographers in the past, Wolfe has gobbled up and perpetuated exaggerations, unfounded speculation and outright falsehoods. The true facts reside in the newly established Bix Beiderbecke Museum and World Archives in Davenport, many thousands of letters, documents and audio recordings, a legacy amassed over a lifetime by the truest biographer, the late Phil Evans. One of the world's current foremost authorities, Scott Black, has already addressed the flaws in Wolfe's book, in an article in September in the Quad-City Times:
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Antonio Gambino ·
Illinois Institute of Technology
Word on the street is that Motzart grabbed a tavern wench's arse back in Vienna.
I say burn down Vienna and ban his works!!!

When does this BS mass hysteria end?
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Joseph Hickey
Dumb mass hysteria will end when immoral behaviors stop. Lord forgive those who abuse children,women, men, and think they speak for you.
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Bob Vander Beek ·
Iowa City, Iowa
There is bs mass hysteria (a Freudian term use only with women) and there are serious social issues. Sexual assault even if some see it as just guys having fun is one of those. BTW the spelling is Mozart and in those times women could be beat by men and men could be put in debter's prison instead of declaring bankruptcy.
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Antonio Gambino ·
Illinois Institute of Technology
Joseph Hickey
Where's that "rape culture" proof you accuse any conservative of , ya dimwit?
I've asked you time and time again.
Until you give us can for all intents and purposes STFU
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John Coffin ·
San Jose State University
No mention of Bix's eventual doom from alcohol.
And no, people who just get a bit thirsty now and then don't get repeatedly hospitalized for it. Nor do they resort to walking with a cane because they have neuropathy sufficient to impair their walking.

It would be entirely in keeping for him to have 'acted out' while drunk. Though even if such an act were alcohol-fueled, it would be strange not to see some pattern of behaviour that would demonstrate a tendency on his part. If Bix were a molester, he would have had a hard time hiding it from his colleagues.

From such reports as we have, clouded by a hope for lurid revelations, AND the romantic hagiography that Bix inspires, the incident is a cringe-worthy mystery.

Posted on Nov 29, 2017, 6:24 AM

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