by Jim Petersen

I've never said this to anyone, but here's a different slant on the issue of Bix and this charge. I wondered if the boys who identified Bix as the culprit had it in for Bix for some reason OR just wanted to get him in trouble not releasing how serious that could/would turn out to be....maybe in fact, it was one of them who was involved?
I also wondered, since the little girl was sight impaired (legally blind?) if she could really identify her attacker?
While I certainly wouldn't condone what Bix was accused of doing (if he did) I can understand the affect that hormones and curiosity have on an adolescent.
Also, since he was in his neighborhood and still living at home, I doubt very much if he had been drinking....but as is so much of this, it's all speculation!

Posted on Nov 29, 2017, 8:56 AM

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