by Alberta

Thanks so much for sharing this info--I haven't seen it before. If you posted this in the past, I missed it.

Even though Laura's rationale for her scenario doesn't fit your facts, the boys may still have felt the need to point the finger at someone else, who they may not have known was an innocent bystander, in order to demonstrate their own innocence.

I still say that barring some unforeseen revelation, the truth of this sorry incident is probably unknowable.

I also think that it is a particularly disturbing trend nowadays to trot out all the bad with the good when discussing certain categories of people, but not all. One can understand it with political figures, since they waste so much of our time demonstrating their own hypocrisy. But Bix really gave us nothing but really excellent music, so it seems monstrously unfair to bring up the arrest in a public way so often, especially since nothing was ever proven, or admitted, and the victim's capacity for identifying her attacker was so compromised. I don't think the arrest should be hidden. I just think it's not relevant unless something closer to proof emerges.

Posted on Dec 2, 2017, 1:19 AM

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