I'm Impressed!

by Laura Demilio

My goodness, Bob. Lots of research there.

But heretofore I'd read in the previous accounts, and I'm not leaping out of my house office chair right now to run downstairs to check the Bix bios, but I think in Lion's book and the Davenport Album it's mentioned the boys were "street laborers" or "out working in the street" -- I know I did not snatch what I perceived their class to be out of thin air; it does state SOMEWHERE in more than one later source that these were high-school age boys doing some kind of outdoor work. So I just assumed.

Uh, how about the Duncan kid bouncing checks regarding a car garage -- could it be THE garage? -- maybe, just maybe that boy wanted to stay out of further trouble and pointed a finger to distract any potential negative attention regarding himself, not that he was doing anything to poor little Sarah, but someone would pop up and say, "Oh yeah, I know who YOU are." Can't blame him for not wanting to be noticed or remembered for other mishaps. And I am not saying he and the other boy absolutely and undoubtedly deliberately blamed Bix, out of malice or self-preservation. The contrasting records and missing evidence mean that to this day no one is sure what exactly happened, although I don't doubt something happened to Sarah, but what exactly transpired (aside from the child's and Ivens' recounting as narrated for the reports), and who was responsible isn't definite.

And as Alberta said, and I mentioned some time ago and so have others, after 90 years and no outright proof and Bix not fitting the profile of a predator, it's time to leave him alone concerning the arrest being some sort of touchstone highlight event of his entire life, overtaking his music, his artistic and intellectual influence on people continuing to this day, and the many friends he had during his tragically short existence.

Posted on Dec 2, 2017, 1:24 PM

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