A word on Lion

by Bob Spoo

Lion's account of the Ivens incident (pages 25-26 of his book) is simply dreadful. Here are some of the inaccuracies, errors, and speculations:

Bix was driven to the police station and interrogated. There is no basis for this statement. All we know is that he was arrested and brought before "Judge Scott" for a preliminary hearing and bail. I've discovered that Judge Scott was in fact a justice of the peace, William W. Scott, who, incidentally, was the J.P who married Bee Palmer and Al Siegel six weeks or so before the Ivens incident.

"'seducer of little girls.'" Lion puts this phrase in scare quotation marks. Where does he get it? No attribution.

"the lack of serious charges." What? Bix was charged with a felony that could have brought--and did bring in most cases of conviction--up to three years in the penitentiary.

Bix's "social position" kept the incident quiet. No evidence for this.

"Bix was brought back home." Lion makes it sound as if it all went away sometime after Bix was arrested. In fact, it didn't go away until the grand jury voted not to indict and the county attorney filed a dismissal of the case on September 26, 1921.

the incident "would leave scars" that made Bix feel like a "pervert" and disrupted his relationship with his parents. No evidence for this. This is true speculation.

Posted on Dec 2, 2017, 5:17 PM

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