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by Nick Dellow

Hi Laura,

Firstly, and most importantly, I want to say that the enthusiasm and admiration for the subject of this forum that you display in all your posts is what really keeps the music of Bix "alive". It's amazing to see how Bix still affects people in a positive way today, even though most were born decades after Bix himself was alive. That's really what it's all about. So whatever I or anyone else says, please do keep "mumbling out loud"!

I just feel that with "the Ivens case", we should tread carefully and avoid speculation where possible. That's really the best approach to take in order to try and get closer to the truth - not that we will ever know for sure what happened. There are so few known facts that applying one's own opinion on top of them is likely to obscure the truth rather than bring it into sharp relief. With a case like this, it is of course incredibly tempting to add one's own opinions, as I'm sure I have done myself from time to time. We are all human, after all. And this is a very human story, though obviously a sad, even tragic, one.

As for the sources I have used, there are various newspaper reports, and of course the police blotter records and Ivens' "affidavit". Then there is Rich Johnson's "Bix: The Davenport Album", and in this respect one must mention the key research conducted by Gerri Bowers. I should also like to mention the important research work conducted by Debbie White. Much of what I included in my post - together with additional information shared off-forum - is as a result of collating the groundbreaking work of these researchers and I would like to acknowledge that fact here. Of course, there is another important name to add to this list of researchers and that is Albert, who has opened the way to further research through providing valuable and often crucially important information (such as the police blotter records) on the Bixography forum, as well as looking into the case himself and furnishing significant additional details. More recently, Bob Spoo has moved things on rapidly by adding hugely to our knowledge base within a short period of time, thanks to his skills as a researcher backed by an in-depth understanding of the legal aspects. Bob is Chapman Distinguished Professor of Law at The University of Tulsa College of Law, so his credentials speak for themselves. There are others who have also contributed to our understanding of this case, making further research possible, and I apologise for not naming them all here.

Posted on Dec 4, 2017, 1:02 AM

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