Thanks to all who have contributed

by Alberta

to fleshing out the details of this matter and done the digging which has turned up some very interesting material. Your efforts, Nick, and Bob's as well, are bringing to light a lot which is making the situation a bit clearer, and no doubt the other researchers you mentioned deserve our gratitude as well! And I for one am grateful for Laura's imagination and knowledge of human nature.

I am not clear on the law on this matter. I thought that in crimes of this sort, the state had an obligation to pursue the matter to protect its citizens. How does a father looking out for the betterment of his child forestall an entire investigation? Couldn't one have been carried out even without the testimony of the child? Questioning the suspect and the witnesses, and seeing what was said? Perhaps other witnesses might have come forward.

I recall learning, I think in this forum, that Ivens's daughter (?) said that Sarah had nightmares about the incident for a long time. It seems strange that no sort of investigation was carried out and that the matter could have been dropped.

Posted on Dec 4, 2017, 2:52 AM

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