A danger?

by ellwisher

I understand wanting to know more about a person whose work we admire, but there is a danger here. A friend and I once shared the admiration of a particular author’s work. That is, until he appeared in a documentary. He was extremely arrogant, was gratuitously rude to the young interviewer, and sneered at an elderly lady who had written to him saying how much she enjoyed his writing, quoting the syntax of her letter as an example of stupidity. It later transpired that he had also woven a tissue of lies to glamorise his early life, even to the extent that he had taken a false name to hide his familial connections. He came over as a thoroughly despicable individual, quite at odds with the scholarship and humour of his writing. Personally, I can still read his work with pleasure, but my friend – a gentle soul – cannot. Knowing the character of the man behind the work has completely spoilt the work for him. He knows this is illogical and regrets it, but that is his emotional response.
The response to the enjoyment of the music of Bix – as to any music – is emotional. If it were found to be true that Bix was guilty of such an act, it might well, for some people, completely destroy their love and enjoyment of his music.
On a lighter note, I see in yesterday’s Sunday Times, that there is now a specialist cheese on the market, named…wait for it…Bix. 

Posted on Dec 4, 2017, 3:21 AM

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