Many thanks to Bob Spoo..

by Debbie White

I hadn't logged on to the Bix Forum in a few days and was amazed to see all the new information posted concerning the arrest, especially the details about Duncan and Bailey so carefully researched by Bob. I am deeply grateful for it. The arrest has always been of great interest to me, not because I wanted Bix to be guilty of anything, but merely in attempting to understand him more fully. The last paragraph in Mr. Spoo's posting, "Response to Alberta and Laura" requires a certain amount of courage, and I applaud him for it. I am firmly convinced that this incident had an enormous impact on his life, regardless of what actually took place.

Having said that, I have posted some, but not all, of these photos in the forum in the past. But considering the current thread and the conversation that has taken place, I thought I would do so again. I have attended the Bix Festival in Davenport for the past 8 years and have visited the Goddard house each time I have been there. Most recently, I saw it this past August - but a fire has destroyed the majority of the home and at this point in time the land may have been completely leveled. It was obviously a grand old home in its day.

This photo shows the garage's exterior -

The garage's interior, with a crumbling ceiling and piles of junk -

A photo of Preson Ivens from the 1921 Palmer School of Chiropractic Yearbook -

A photo of an older Sally Ivens, from the 1938 Palmer School yearbook -

Thanks to all for their contributions and comments here, and especially to Bob and Nick for their recent discoveries.

Posted on Dec 4, 2017, 8:14 AM

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