by Laura Demilio

Debbie -- my jaw is dropping. That garage is still standing.

Heretofore, that is, before Bob/Nick's latest revelations, I had always believe it to be a professional garage, where cars were parked for the day to be worked on or some kind of a 1920's version of "a place to shelter the auto driven to work in" for people at nearby businesses. Something large -- not as long as a block, but large enough to house maybe 5 or more vehicles.

A small, dark little individual garage owned by a private citizen somehow, for me, adds to the ambiguity -- who, as it was stated that they did, took this nearsighted little girl in there? WAS there proper identification or a misidentified mistake, just as understandable, by this child or witnesses? It would have been quite dark indeed in there on a rainy spring afternoon -- what and who was seen, what might have happened? That shabby, sad old garage discloses nothing tangible.

Posted on Dec 4, 2017, 12:24 PM

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