Re: Invented dialogue

by Nick Dellow

I just wanted to balance things by saying that apart from the invented dialogue, I find Bix: Man And Legend a very enjoyable book containing a wealth of valuable information. My paperback copy (which I purchased new in the 1980s) eventually fell apart, which demonstrates just how often I referred to it before eventually replacing it with another copy.

Of course, Richard Sudhalter went on to write Lost Chords. I doubt that anyone else could have tackled such a huge and tricky subject so well, combining an academic approach with the ability to write in an entertaining and sympathetic style that often brings out the human side of the story. As a book on the history of jazz, it is a work of fundamental importance, despite what those with often pre-determined opinions might say.

Evans' and Kiner's Tram: The Frank Trumbauer Story is a well researched book, but it had a rather dry tone by comparison. And it has invented dialogue!

Posted on Dec 6, 2017, 12:10 AM

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