A question for Bob -

by Debbie White

Bob, considering your credentials and vast knowledge concerning the subject of law (and my lack of), there is something I have a question about and wonder if you might be able to respond to. "The Davenport Album" shows the April 1922 police report and within that document it states that Bix, "waived preliminary hearing before Judge Scott and held to G.J. [Grand Jury] on $1500 bond."

I know that we cannot know for sure about the specifics of Bix's case, but what are the usual (or common) reasons why an individual would decide to waive this right or be advised by counsel to waive this right ? What are the implications concerning this ? It would seem to be an important aspect to consider in attempting to formulate an objective account of the incident.

Posted on Dec 6, 2017, 5:52 AM

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