These Glamour Girls

by Bob Spoo

I just saw a portion of the 1939 MGM film, "These Glamour Girls," starring Lew Ayres and Lana Turner. It's a fun college film of the period, but what especially struck me were the scenes laid at Kingsford College, clearly a lookalike for Princeton University (Kingston is a town abutting Princeton). Ayres and Turner run the gauntlet of the dance parties on a gala weekend, and each house party they visit has a different band playing--swing, sweet, Cuban, and so on (might be fun to try to identify the musicians). Benny Goodman and the boys are said to be on campus, but I don't think we actually see them.

Anyway, these lavishly appointed "Kingsford" house parties are dead-ringers for the stately Princeton eating clubs (even as I knew them in the 1980s). I'm sure they give an excellent idea of how it looked and felt to be listening to Bix and his groups at Princeton a mere eight or nine years before the film was released.

Posted on Dec 17, 2017, 7:15 PM

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