Two versions of Stardust on the same record

by Albert Haim

From Daily Princetonian, Volume 61, Number 83, 20 May 1936

In a novel experiment, Victor presents two sides of Hoagy Carmichael's immortal "Stardust," one swung at a lilting tempo by Benny Goodman, the other slow and sweet by Tommy Dorsey. Of special interest is the inclusion of the personnel of both bands on the label, but sore was our bereavement to find the arrangers' names had been omitted—a very grave error, and one that should be corrected in the next "swing classic" record. We thought Benny's rendition of Fletcher Henderson's orchestration the better job, but still there's plenty of real artistry in the beautiful blending of Dorsey's instrumentalists; Edyth Wright sings a pleasantly melodious vocal backed nicely by some majestically slow and soft saxes, while there is no singing in the Goodman version. Noteworthy in the latter are Benny's clarinet and the stinging brass in the last chorus cymbolistically backed by fabulous Gene Krupa, while the reeds swing with ease and finesse throughout.


TD who was the arranger?

And for good measure, here is Artie Shaw's version.


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