Polo on tenor sax

by Nick Dellow

Here is the relevant section from my liner notes for the Retrieval CD featured in the YouTube video:-

"Interviewed by Les Tompkins in 1976, George Chisholm recalled these dates: "Yes, Danny Polo was a great player. I remember making those records with him at Decca - we played tunes like 'Moseltov'. That was just like a jazz club; we went into the thing, just knocked it together and played it: 'You take sixteen bars, you take thirty-two bars,' and off we went. Great."

In "Jazz Me Blues" Chisholm is in a particularly "earthy" blues mood, while fellow countryman McQuater is in a Berigan frame of mind, even down to the harmonic structure of his solo. The guitar work of the little-recorded Norman Brown is particularly impressive here.

"If You Were the Only Girl in the World" is ideal material for Polo. His solo is full of melodic invention, and at times seems almost classical in its construction - this is true for both takes. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his tenor sax solo in "Mozeltov", which is the low spot on this date (the reed squeaks betray the fact that Polo undoubtedly hadn’t played the tenor for some time!). Still, Chisholm rectifies matters with a positively euphoric solo."

Posted on Jan 6, 2018, 11:01 AM

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