Lake Forest Academy: NOT a military school.

by Albert Haim

One of the most common Bix myths is that he attended Lake Forest MILITARY Academy. Here are a few examples.

"He[Bix] was sent to Lake Forest Military Academy in 1921.

"... in 1921 they [Bix's parents] sent him away from home to be schooled at Lake Forest Military Academy."

"When his family found out that he was failing school and about his interest in Jazz, they were furious and sent him to a military school called Lake Forest Academy in 1921."
"His parents soon became so concerned about his lackadaisical attitude towards school that Beiderbecke was sent to Lake Forest Military Academy in 1921."

There are many many more examples, but the above should suffice.

This ad from Chicago Tribune, 26 Jun 1921, Sun, Page 89 demonstrates conclusively that Lake Forest was NOT, repeat NOT a military academy. The image courtesy of Bob Spoo. Thanks Bob.


Posted on Jan 7, 2018, 10:54 AM

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