The Wolverines Open At Cinderella

by Ralph Wondraschek

The following report appeared - rather belatedly - in Metronome Band Monthly, November 1924, p.70:


The Wolverines came to New York and opened at the Cinderella, where they were one of the biggest hits that ever hit New York. The Wolverines, under the direction of Richard Voynow, have been the favorite orchestra of all the college and fraternity houses throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan, and Mr. Joseph, general manager of the Cinderella, arranged for them to come to New York after hearing so much about them. After their opening, Mr. Joseph said the best thing he ever did was to bring this orchestra to New York. They have received new names from the visitors of the Cinderella and are known to them as the "personality kids." When Voynow and the Wolverines finish their season's engagement at the Cinderella, they will take their annual leap through Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, where their music is still remembered by all the members of the colleges who always engage them for their annual proms and hops.

The accompanying photograph in Metronome is the well-known one, which is printed in Evans book on page 162, and in Evans & Sudhalter on page 108, bottom.

Nothing really new here, but still nice to have, IMO.


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