Ross Gorman's "Idolizing."

by Albert Haim

Ross Gorman and his orchestra recorded "Idolizing" twice, both times in November 1926: once for Edison, the other time for Cameo. Here are the listings in Lord's dscography:
Ross Gorman And His Orchestra : Red Nichols, Harry Gluck (tp) Miff Mole (tb) or Mike Martini (tb) Harold Noble (cl,as,ts) Billy McGill (cl,ts) Bert Reynolds (sop,as) Ross Gorman (cl,b-cl,as,bar,hecklephone) Fred Leithner (p) Dick McDonough (bj) Eddie Lang (g) possibly Barney Aquilino (tu) David Grupp (d)
New York, November 3, 1926
11280-B Idolizing Ed 51876
Note: Personnel from "American Dance Bands on Record and Film" (Johnson/Shirley,2010).
Frog CD liner has incorrect recording date.
New York, November 1926
2193-C Idolizing Cam 1063s
Rust does not list names of musicians in these recordings and they are not listed in Eddie Lang's discography.
Interestingly, the Jan 8, 1926 issue of Variety informs readers that Red and Miff were leaving Gorman’s organization. See
Listen to the Cameo recording. # 20 in
My ears tell me that Eddie, Red and Miff are not present.
However, there is an interesting similarity between the guitar breaks in Gorman’s “Idolizing” at 1:28 and Goldkette’s “Sunday”
at 1:31, no?


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