Lang or McDonough

by Nick Dellow

The guitarist plays a similar break in Ross Gorman's Edison of "You're Burnin' Me Up, Turnin' Me Down" (at 2:59 in the first version and 3:03 in the second):-'re+Burnin'+Me+Up%2C+Turnin'+Me+Down.m4a're+Burnin'+Me+Up%2C+Turnin'+Me+Down.m4a

He sounds even more Lang-like in Gorman's Edison of Idolizing (solo starts at 1:12):-

Very Lang-like I would say! However, Rust lists Dick McDonough (or rather suggests him as a possible guitarist, along with Tony Colicchio), that's if I am reading Jazz Records correctly, taking the personnel from sessions higher up the page; if that's the case, then Rust also suggests McDonough or Colicchio for the Cameo of Idolizing too. Is Tony Colicchio none other than Tony Colucci?

And listen to this Gorman side for some more nice Lang-like guitar playing (two part solo starts at 1:10):-

That break at 2:18 is just pure Lang! But Rust lists Dick McDonough and a YouTube comment states "According to Richard Sudhalter, it's Dick McDonough, who was then playing in a style almost identical to Lang's." I will say that the solo guitar coda is very similar to the way that McDonough ends Don Voorhees' superb "Baby's Blue":-

(The photo in the video shows Lang, but it is McDonough, correctly listed in the description).

Here is another known Dick McDonough solo of the same period, while he was with Don Voorhees' band (solo at 1:45 and two breaks later on):-

I'd be very interested in hearing what others have to say about this.

Posted on Jan 28, 2018, 6:04 AM

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