Angry: one of my favorite songs.

by Albert Haim

"Angry":lyrics by Dudley Mecum and music by Henry Brunies, Merritt Brunies, and Jules Cassard, written in 1925.,204,203,200_.jpg

Some recordings:

(Henry Brunies / Jules Cassard / Dudley Mecum)

Dudley Mecum's Wolverines - 1925
Art Gillham - 1925
Ted Lewis & His Band (vocal: Ted Lewis) - 1925
Arcadian Serenaders - 1925
New Orleans Rhythm Kings - 1925
Henry Thies' Castle Farm Orch. - 1925
Ray Miller & His Orch. - 1929
Earl Hines & His Orch. - 1934
Tiny Hill & His Orch. (vocal: Tiny Hill) - 1939
Bob Crosby & His Orch. (vocal: Teddy Grace) - 1939
Ina Ray Hutton & Her Orch. (vocal: Hutton & Stuart Foster) - 1943
Muggsy Spanier & His Ragtimers - 1944
Kay Starr - 1951
Perry Como - 1957
Rosemary Clooney with Nelson Riddle & His Orch. - 1961

Also recorded by:
Les Brown & His Orch.; The Chordettes; Bay City Jazz Band;
Don Field & His Pony Boys; Freddie Morgan; Kid Sheik Cola;
Sammy Duncan; Carl Halen; Bent Persson: ...... and others.

The lyrics:

True love never does run smooth
At least that's what I'm told
If that is true then our love
Surely must be good as gold
How we battle ev'ry day
And when I want a kiss
I have to start explaining
And it sounds about like this

Dearie, please don't be angry
'Cause I was only teasing you
I would'nt even let you think of leavin'
Don't you know I love you true

Just because I took a look at somebody else
That's no reason you should put poor me on the shelf
Dearie, please don't be angry
'Cause I was only teasing you

Don't believe a thing you hear, just wait 'till you see
Then you'll find no cause to show that you're jealous of me
Oh! Angry, please don't be angry
'Cause I was only teasing you

Some early recordings

A recent version

Bix liked this song very much.


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