Sad news from the IAJRC.

by Albert Haim

From Shelley Finke, president.
"On January 13th, a small contingent of the IAJRC board of trustees was able to meet in Indianapolis at the annual record bash there. Present were outgoing president Geoff Wheeler, incoming vice president Randy, re-elected secretary and 2017 interim treasurer Perry Huntoon, re-elected trustee Sally Fee and myself as incoming president.
After the presentation of a dismal financial summary and outlook by Perry, it was decided that a complete board vote should be taken as to the dissolving of the IAJRC. Voting was completed on January 24th via an email submitted to our nine-member board. A total of seven in support and two opposed left us with the expected conclusion that the IAJRC as we know it will end its lifespan as of the 2018 membership period."

Personally, I had a very fruitful relationship with the IAJRC Journal for more than a decade. I published about two dozen articles in the Journal, five of which received the JAMES C. GORDON BEST ARTICLE AWARD (four first prizes and one second prize). The editors of the Journal were tops in handling the manuscripts I submitted. I am grateful to them.
A whole era has ended: the illustrious history of the IAJRC will no longer be.!/?publicationID=151117&keywords=albert%20haim!AllWords&pageNumber=3&mediaType=magazines#magazines21


Posted on Feb 3, 2018, 2:44 PM

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