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by Coscannon

Researched complaints from forum owners about Network 54. I've pasted the most recent response directly below the link where I found it.


Yesterday, 05:49 #1

Hi everyone,

The Network54 support forum has been migrated to the Tapatalk Groups platform. It will be here temporarily, until it gets redirected to the main Tapatalk Support forum.

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a little information to people who have not received an email yet.

All Network54 forums will be migrated to the Tapatalk Groups platform.

What to expect

- All your posts will be migrated.
- All your members will be migrated.
- You will be able to log in with the same username and password as you do now.
- If you previously allowed guest posting, you will still be able to do that.
- If you have multiple 'pages', they can be migrated into one group, but as separate forums.
- If you would like your group to have a name rather than a number, now is a good time to ask.
- There will be a test migration before the real migration of your data.

How to prepare

- Very important: Make sure that the email associated with your Network54 account is valid. We cannot get a hold of you to notify you of the migration if you don't have a valid email.
- You can request a test migration to check things out here at Tapatalk groups. A test migration will not affect your existing forum on Network54.

When will it happen

Test migrations are currently being done. This will take some time, however.
If you're eager to check out the new platform, feel free to post your link here with a test migration request.

Forum naming

I mentioned this above, but wanted to give a bit more info on this. Your forum can be renamed during the migration process. That way you can have a real name in the URL instead of numbers.
Please note that what you name your forum, this is what the URL will be. If you want your forum to be I Love Mickey Mouse, then your URL will be
Pick your name carefully, as you can only pick it once.

Posted by Chrisw
Yesterday, 05:49
Forum: Network54 User Forums
Topic: The Network 54 support forum has arrived at Tapatalk
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Note: Chrisw, the author of the above post and the site administrator, is female, as I discovered in another discussion thread.

Searching Google for "Tapatalk" produces loads of results, though many are not recent.

Posted on Feb 8, 2018, 5:08 PM

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